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Sep. 4th, 2009

It has been nearly two months since my last post. I've missed livejournal over the summer. My reason for not posting has been largely due to my lack of a computer at home. I so need one. I definitely need the Internet. I honestly don't how much longer I can go on living without it. There were a few events this summer that I have wanted to write about. now that I am back at work and have a lot of time to spare, I'll write an update on my life.

Both my bridal shower and my bachelorette party happened in July. The former occurred on July 15 starting at 2:00pm. Julie and Kari hosted the event and Mom was nice enough to volunteer the house as the location. I picked up, Elizabeth, my mother-in-law to be a little more than hour before. We arrived to find the living room fully decorated. Streamers were hanging from the entrances and one of the chairs was decorated to be throne for me. On the corner of the chair, the girls had placed a hat (that looked like something out of a Holly Hobbes picture) on the corner of said chair. I immediately knew that I would have to wear this for the entirety of the shower. I sighed at this, but assured myself that it wasn't so bad. The hat itself didn't look awful. I'm just not a hat person. I was then horrified to find out that the girls were going to attach all of the bows that were on my gifts to the hat. Kari told me (with a very amused look on her face) that I was going to have to wear the hat will all of the bows on it. Needless to say, I was very reluctant to do this. I'm just not one to voluntarily embarrass myself.

A large crowd attended. Many of my Dad's cousins live in Ottawa, so about half of the guests were family. However, Mom's good friends Christina and Lorraine came (along with Lorraine's daughter and daughter-in-law) as well as my parent's neighbours Eileen and Joyce. As for my friends, there were of course Julie and Kari as well as Negar, Kate and Sarah (one of the fabulous six that I haven't spoken much about yet). I found out later that Kat had spaced on the date. As far Martine (another one of the fabulous six that I haven't spoken much about), she was out of town. It was good to see everybody and it was great preparation for the actual wedding day (though I can't remember if I'm actually supposed to speak at the reception), since I had to address the crowd two or three times to thank them for coming. During my first speech, I spoke about the many blessings in my life - Brendan, my family and my good friends. I truly meant the words that I said. I could feel the tears in my eyes as I spoke. An event such as this helps one to realize that they are truly blessed. It was a celebration of my upcoming marriage to a wonderful man and my closest friends were there to share it with me. It truly was an overwhelming experience.

On a more material-girlesque note, I received so many lovely gifts. Elizabeth has ordered a comforter for Brendan and I (we currently do not have one and I dearly miss having one). Christina gave us a small coffee maker (we aren't coffee drinkers ourselves, but it would be nice to be able to offer it to guests). There were a few cookbooks among the gifts and I have been making good use of them already, believe it or not! In addition, I was given a very sexy set of underwear from Negar, an elegant jewelry set from Sarah, a muffin pan from Kate, a Royal Albert tea cup from Julie and a handmade shawl from Kari. I loved the shawl. Kari even put small blue beads in it so that I would have "something blue" on my wedding day. I was touched. It was a great day!

The bachelorette party was the following Saturday (July 25). The girls had it so early since Julie was moving to Orillia in the next two weeks so that she could live with her boyfriend, Dave. It was a small group - just me Julie, Kari, Negar and Kate, but I actually preferred it that way. A bachelorette party is one of those things where you want to have a night to be completely, even bizarrely you and I am not the type of person who can do that in a big crowd. We started out by having dinner at one of my favourite restaurants, The Blue Cactus. It was a great chance for us to talk since nightclubs can be very loud. Mom and Lorraine actually joined us for part of the evening!

The party did hit one obstacle when we left the restaurant. If you were in Ottawa at all during the month of July, you should already know what that obstacle was - rain. Wet, hard rain. It was pouring so badly that we were anxious about running even a short distance. However, with a few brave moments on our part, we eventually made it (fairly dry as well) to the Velvet Room, a bar located in the heart of the downtown core just above Fat Tuesday's, a restaurant that specializes in New Orleans style food. Though it was packed we did manage to get a table. This was mainly thanks to Negar and her social skills. Once she explained the situation to a couple of guys who were hogging a huge table, they were more than happy to give us rooms to sit. We drank, we laughed, we danced. It was one of the best girls-nights-outs that I had ever had.

We may have another unofficial bachelorette closer to the day. Right now, I am just shocked by how close that day is getting. It will be just over six week from today. Yikes!