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Things to do....

The wedding is less then four months away.....EEEEP!!!!

My great awareness of the date creeping up has happened for one big reason - the invitations started going out yesterday! Wow. That awareness I just spoke of became even greater as I typed that. In addition, now that I am on summer vacation, I am making a list of the things that we still have left to do. That's left me with a very weird feeling. I'm overwhelmed by the fact that there's still a lot left. But at the same time, that same feeling stems from the fact there actually isn't much left to do. This is it:

1) We still have to book the cake

2) We still have to book the flowers

3) We have to decide if we're going anywhere for our wedding night

4) we have to buy our bands

5) In August, we have to get our marriage liscence

6) We have to make final decisions on the hymns we will use at the ceremony and choose the people who will participate in our procession. Then we have to submit our final outline of the ceremony to the priest.

7) We have to send the DJ our song list

8) I still have to contact the people at our reception venue and tell them that we would like red wine to be available as well as white wine

9) We have to send some ideas for picture to the photographer

10) After we receive responses to the invitations, we have to decide on a seating plan

11) We have to get a basket for the flower girl and a pillow for the ring girl

So you can see why I'm undecided about whether there is still a lot left to do or really not that much. Thank God we're on vacation!