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Writer's Block: RIP Michael Jackson

In honor of the King of Pop: What is your favorite Michael Jackson song?
It's amazing how the world can change in only a second. A small rock can be thrown in water and it will have impact. It creates rings that can spread out metres away from where the rock was originally tossed. The calmness of the water has been disturbed by just a simple rock. The death of Michael Jackson has seemed to have this same impact. He is one stone in a world of billions, yet when he fell into the water, he created many rings. The news showed statements made by his family and many fans. The newspaper printed statements made by other celebrities including Madonna and Celine Dion. What they seemed to all agree on was the fact that he was an amazing person with so much talent and that he was taken from the world too soon.
I believe that Michael Jackson, at the heart of it all, was a good, compassionate person. But he was very misunderstood. I have trouble judging him for his odd behaviour (I'm not referring to the accusations on pedophilia. If you want my honest opinion on that, I never believed those kids). After all, there have been many good people in history who tried to be giving, compassionate and generous, who were misunderstood and suffered for being so. Jesus Christ himself fits this description. He died for it in fact! Michael Jackson had a very rough childhood. I believe he had a sincere interest in helping children. He wanted to do what he could to ensure that other children would not face the same issues that he faced as a child. He did what he could to help children (and some in unfortunate situations) develop positive memories of their childhood. Everybody who was close to him has used the word "compassionate" to describe him.
Early death seems to be a consequence for being an icon. Look at Elvis Presley, James Dean, Marilyn Monroe, JFK, Diana, etc. So many of them have gone too soon. Yes, for many of them it was possibly related to drugs (Like Elvis and possibly Judy Garland). In other cases, their commitment to their cause became way too dangerous (Martin Luther King). But who knows what more they could have done or how much more of an impact they could have had on society had they been given more time.
I had hoped that Michael Jackson could finish off his career on a high note, live a quiet retirement with the company of his children and escape the media as he grew into old age. But icons don't grow old.
Rest In Peace Michael. May God grant you the serenity that you were denied in life.

To answer the writer's block, I like many of his songs,

1. Thriller
2. Billie Jean
3. You Are Not Alone
4. Say You'll Be There
5. Black Or White
6. Who Is It?
7. Blood Is On The Dance Floor
8. Scream (his duet with sister Janet)
9. Beat It

I find it impossible to name a favourite. I grew up listening to him.